Conductive Education in New Zealand is supported by a national body, The New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education (NZFCE) was formed in September 1993 by the groups providing Conductive Education around the country.

The purposes of the Foundation are:

Our Greatest GLory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Risings Everythime We Fall. confuciousTo promote and raise the profile of Conductive Education
To promote cooperation between the groups providing Conductive Education
To advocate for those involved with Conductive Education
To network with the disability community
To facilitate research into Conductive Education
To promote standards for Conductive Education in New Zealand
To support the establishment of new Conductive Education Centres throughout New Zealand where there is an identified need

Accordingly the Foundation has produced this website as a basic introduction to Conductive Education in New Zealand. It is not intended as the only source of information on Conductive Education, rather it tries to answer some common questions in simple terms.

A research document produced by 180 Degrees consultants at Canterbury University

“Ahakoa he iti he pounanmu – However small it’s precious”
We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails