This information provide a snapshot of the range of services that Conductive Education centres can provide.  Please refer to the links to your local area for information about what services are provided in your region.


Your baby may have been referred by a medical professional for an assessment or identified as having a suspected developmental delay requiring specialist observation.   This would be the role of an early intervention service.  You will receive information, support, advice and hands-on guidance to assist your baby’s development.  If your child has received a diagnosis, early intervention service can continue supporting you until your child goes to school.

“Early intervention means starting as early as possible in order to get maximum benefit!”


EARLY CHILDHOODconduct15_095

All of our affiliated centres providing programmes for children from birth to school age are licensed early childhood centres.  The programmes are delivered by trained professionals and focus on learning through play.  Children’s development is closely monitored and programmes set to help them gain their maximum potential.

“Learning through structured play in a fun way!”


At our primary school units children receive the best of both worlds – they have their developmental needs met as well as the ability to interact with their mainstream peers.  Children fully participate in the school community while benefitting from a Conductive Education programme.

“As soon as I walked in I felt a normal school environment with lots of cheerful, bright colours to greet you……. I left with the feeling that this was the right place for my child and she would thrive there”.


This setting provides the ability for a continuation of the Conductive Education programmes in a secondary setting.  Students again have the ability to socialize with their peers while having their educational and physical needs met by specialist staff.  There is a strong focus on developing independence and life skills in preparation for adult life.

The first time I saw my daughter walk……with help……. ever won lotto?  Well, I can tell you, that day we had exceeded that and have achieved 100% more that we ever thought possible”.

ADULT PROGRAMMES conduct15_076

Adult programmes attract an increased range of clients such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, head injuries, strokes etc.  There is a focus on skill development, particularly self-help and life skills working towards an independent life.  Again motivation and hard-work are the key to maximizing people’s ability.

“My son has achieved all that he can do through the teaching of CE.  We started at the age of 11 months old and we are still attending at the age of 21 years.”



The Conductive Education class for Stroke recovery focuses on the learning process required for individuals to lead full and meaningful lives.  Exercise tasks help participants to work towards increasing the range and control of their movements, therefore increasing the level of activity during daily tasks.

After assessing current skills we can look for future potential.  This may be small steps towards regaining movement, it may be increasing confidence or improving the co-ordination and level of skill of all movements.  The group also has a social focus to help improve speech and communication.

“It was a difficult time for me, suddenly everything changed.  Everyone treated me with dignity and were so positive…”

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails