How will I know if it is suitable for me? 

Contact your local centre, visit to observe a programme and talk to staff about your developmental concerns.  It may be immediately apparent that Conductive Education can assist you, or it may be necessary to undertake an assessment.  Either way, our staff will guide you through the process.

At what age can my child access the service?DSCF2547

Your child can start Conductive Education from from birth. Our Early Intervention Centers are experienced in working with both babies as well as toddlers.  

How Do I access the

Go to our ‘Home’ page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the area closest to you.  Click on the website link and you will be able to access the contact number and email for that centre, to make further enquiries.

Does Conductive Education work in with other professionals?

Conductive Education does provide a “team” approach dependent upon your age and needs.  Centres have developed links with a range of professionals or alternatively are able to recommend additional support if required.

What make Conductive Education Different to Other Service Providers?

There are several differences in the benefits of Conductive Education.  We work with a range of professionals to provide a holistic service.  We pride ourselves on working with the family as a whole.  Family support is crucial to a person with disability.

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