It is with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of our very wonderful and loyal Patron Wayne Smith.  Wayne has been a magnificent Patron for Conductive Education and has given of his time freely and generously for many years.  It has been an honour to have him represent our organisation and we wish him well in his retirement from a public life.  Wayne, we know you are looking forward to spending quality time with your lovely wife Trish and your family.  Thank you for all you have done for us, we are not sure you realise how valuable you have been for our profile Nationally.  You will always be a part of the Conductive family and we will forever hold you and Trish dear to our hearts.  You will always be welcome through our doors.  Thank you.


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2017 – A YEAR IN REVIEW ……………………

Well here we are – almost at the end of 2017!  We have had a very productive year and I thought it might be good to recap and update you with the latest news!

Taranaki is open for business!
The highlight for me this year was attending the opening of the New Plymouth Conductive EducationCentre at Western School.  A lot of time, energy and advocacy has gone into this by Craig Nielson and his fellow ‘beavers’ and to see this come to fruition with the official opening on 01 December was fantastic.  Westown is a lovely School with a really warm atmosphere and it was wonderful to hear Kim Theyers, Principal, talk about how thrilled they are to have Conductive Education as part of their school community. Isn’t it amazing what parents and communities can achieve!  I did indicate in my address that I was saddened to think how hard the families had worked to create a long-term option for children in Taranaki when I, along with some other families, had tread the very same path more than 25 years before.  It certainly doesn’t seem to be any easier in 2017 – even when we have a Government who is so focused on choice and control sitting directly with families.  I think we forget that Conductive Education in New Zealand has a long history behind it – so it is disappointing when the same barriers seem to exist.

Ride of the Legends
The above event was the result of lots of work and commitment from lots of people, but was well worth the effort.  Our riders did us proud!  NZFCE Advisory Trustee, Linda Harris and I were living and breathing this event for many months!  The promotion that Conductive Education received was fantastic and it is important that we focus on continuing to build on the profile that we received.  Thanks must go to the Mediaworks Foundation for their support!

Conductive Education Canterbury Celebrate
CEC celebrated its 25th birthday at a dinner event in November.  We had people travelling from as far afield as Auckland and it Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.12.44 PM
was so lovely to connect with families and ex clients (now adults!) who had been through the programme over the years.  The photo presentation rekindled lots of memories and showed how those babies and pre-schoolers had grown into such wonderful adults!  Grant Slevin, who has supported CEC for a lot of those 25 years and remains as President today, was recognised with a Life Membership of Conductive Education Canterbury, for his commitment and dedication to the organisation.  Grant was clearly shocked by this presentation, but it was very well deserved!

Gary Endacott
The NZFCE Board were very sorry to farewell an Advisory Trustee at our last Annual General Meeting.  Gary has provided wise counsel and great advice over the years – both from the perspective of a person with Cerebral Palsy and also in his role as Disability Advisor for the Ministry of Education in Christchurch.Gary was presented with a pounamu taonga in recognition of the significant contribution he has made to NZFCE.
Thank you Gary.

Strategic Plan
We managed to tick off lots of items on our strategic plan this year which was fantastic!  As a result of feedback from our centres we have now developed a draft marketing plan for 2018.  We are meeting with a marketing expert who works in the not-for-profit sector who will also give us some guidance as to what might assist us to ge the word out into our community, about Conductive Education.  We are always open to any ideas that our centres and supporters might have – so give us a call if you have any lightbulb moments.

22861844_1931653453760894_6763397225480591003_oNZ Home Loans – Canterbury Metro
We were incredibly grateful to Emm and Terry from NZHL for their sponsorship during the Ride of the Legends and were so pleased to host them at Conductive Education Canterbury for morning tea recently.  Emm and Terry love the work of Conductive Education and are keen to continue a relationship with us.  We look forward to working with NZHL Canterbury Metro in the future!

Conductive Education – Dunedin
Judit Varadi has commenced providing Conductive Education programmes in Dunedin – at a lovely place called Port Chalmers.  This is in the beginning stages but numbers are building which is exciting.  We look forward to supporting Judit where we can and hopefully witnessing the birth of another affiliated Conductive Education Centre in Dunedin.  Keep u the good work Judit!

Professional Development Fund
NZFCE has supported 17 professional development opportunities during 2017 which we are delighted about.  Because this fund has been so well supported, we are increasing the budget by 20% in 2018.  We look forward to receiving new applications!

Centre Survey
Thank you so much to centres for providing information so that NZFCE could up-date the picture of Conductive Education nationally.  We are supporting in excess of 280 clients throughout our 11 centeres with an increased range of disability types – people on the autistic spectrum is one of the growing groups.  It just confirms what we already know, the way that Conductive Education teachers with task series, routine etc. is beneficial for so many people.  Our services also serve a wide ethnicity base with 37% identifying as non-NZ European and of this 16% as Maori and 12% Pasifika.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year and I am excited to see what 2018 will bring!

In the Mean time, have a restful, happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Best Wishes

Sally Thomas
National Co-Ordinator

TRIBUTE IN MEMORY OF DAVE CHING – posted Friday 11th August 2017


NZFCE were delighted to host the Cerebral Palsy Society recently who wanted to formally recognise the tremendous contribution that Dave had made to people with Cerebral Palsy.

The skies opened on the day and it was pouring with rain – but luckily it stopped just at the right moment for Dave’s wife Helen and Anthony Smith (Life Member of NZFCE and Board Member of the Cerebral Palsy Society) to plant the tree. 

The plaque reads

In memory of Dave Ching

For his dedication to people with Cerebral Palsy, the establishment of Conductive Education

 and enhancing education in the Addington community.

Tree planting 

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the Society’s National Board some of whom came to Christchurch to mark the event.

We know that Dave would be thrilled to be recognised by the Society in this way and we look forward to the tree and Conductive Education continuing to flourish!





Come Join us in Auckland for an evening you won’t forget.  Our MC Laura McGoldrick and Sporting greats, Chris Harris, Stu Wilson, Jenny May Coffin, and Scott Styris are just a few of the stars who will sit in the hot seat to be interviewed by Ben Hurley.  Click on the link below for the details and make contact to book your table.


Click here to book your table


Play golf with sporting greats former All Blacks Andy Earl, Bernie McCahill, Ian Kirkpatrick, Sir Brian Lachore and former Lions Peter Winterbottom, Roger Utterly, Shane Byrne, Roger Arneil and Former Black Cap Chris Harris.  Raising funds for Conductive Education.  Click on the link below for further details.


ROTL WEBSITE – 24 May 2017

Our website is live!  Check it out and see where you can join us along the trail.  Let the Adventures begin!  

ROTL – HOW CAN WE HELP? – 1 May 2017

We have lots of lovely requests from people wanting to contribute to the Ride Of The Lions Campaign. Yes you can help by donating to our EveryDay Heroes Page.  Please click on the link below and it will direct you to our page, follow the instructions to donate.  We at The New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education would like to thank you for your support.



The past, present and future of Conductive Education in New Zealand was the subject of the day, at the ‘Coming of Age Celebration’ in Christchurch.

It was 25 years ago that Conductive Education was launched in New Zealand by a group of enthusiastic parents. Since then, Conductive Education has continued to grow and evolve to suit the needs of people with a range of disabilities, from birth through to adult years.

SONY DSCIt was wonderful to have our celebrity Ambassadors in attendance, our Patron Wayne Smith, past All Black and current Assistant All Black Coach, Chris Harris, past Black Cap and Laura McGoldrick, Media personality and Actress.

The day began with a recital from the Addington pre-school ukalele choir and an official welcome by The New Zealand Foundation of Conductive Education Chairperson, Trudy Heath. Trudy then revealed the fresh look Logo and the Website which was received with great enthusiasm by the attending, past and present families, sponsors and media.

Gary shows his fancy foot work off..

Gary shows his fancy foot work off..

The guests were then treated to a fun obstacle course event, designed from the equipment and programs that the students have in our preschool and primary school units. There were two teams, “Smithy vs Harry”! Smithy’s team included Gary Endacott and students from Conductive Education units and Harry’s team included Laura McGoldrick and students from the Conductive Education Units.

Simeon Park was filled with the sounds of laughter and cheering as our confident celebrities clumsily made their way through the challenging course. It would be fair to say that our Conductive students had the advantage from being familiar with the course and obstacles laid out.


There was time to take the opportunity to have a chat, reconnect and even have a photo or two taken with our Ambassadors. We then made our way back to the Conductive unit to enjoy a lavish afternoon tea.

It was a perfect spring day in Christchurch and we had an exciting afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many of our families together again, chatting, catching up with each other and sharing stories of their times at Conductive Education.

The day drew to a close with the last of the families leaving. There was a sense of triumph in the air. Not only for the positive way in which our fresh look was received but also because the numbers that turned up far exceeded expectations. It was clear that Conductive Education has had a positive impact in the lives of those who came and for many of those who could not make it.

Conductive Education in New Zealand continues to evolve and there are exciting times ahead.



We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails