Conductive Education was developed in Hungary in 1945 by Professor Andras Peto and was based on newly discovered scientific evidence at that time, which described the brain’s unique capacity to form new connections despiconduct15_081te the damage that occurred within.  This was ground breaking in the 1940’s but is now well recognised and accepted internationally.

Conductive Education showed that people can learn new skills by utilising undamaged areas of the brain through a learning process – looking at rehabilitation from both a health and education perspective. 

Conductive Education has been available in New Zealand for over 25 years and is recognised as a viable option for people of all ages.  Since coming to New Zealand the programmes have evolved to reflect New Zealand culture and to align with our education system.

During this time we have learnt that the way Conductive Education teaches can benefit many more conditions than traditional motor disorders. In line with this staff employed by Conductive Education centres are constantly developing their practice in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we support.

The reputation of Conductive Education has travelled all over the world with programmes in over 56 countries.

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails