Conductive Education provides a warm, welcoming environment where small groups of people are all working towards their individual goals at their own level.  The staff are totally hands-on during the sessions, working with each individual to ensure that they are aware of the “why” and the “how” and also teaching their families or support people. The group provides an opportunity for peer interaction – promoting encouragement, acceptance, social and life skill development, friendship and fun!


“Conductive Education creates a positive mindset and a fresh approach to life”

Conductive Education breaks tasks down into small steps, teaching each one separately and then over time putting all of the steps together – task achieved!  This means practicing as often as possible during the day and building the skill development into daily routines – you don’t need to set time aside to do Conductive Education – it is a way of life.  Conductive Education staff will work with you to identify appropriate goals and will then develop a programme and provide the support and encouragement so you can achieve these. 


Conductive Education provides practical advice and training to individuals and families so that they can begin to problem solve for themselves”

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails