TRUDY HEATH – Chairperson

Trudy is Principal at Addington Primary School which also has a Conductive Education school unit.  Trudy has had a long involvement with Conductive Education as she held the role of Deputy Principal during the developmental stages of the unit.  Trudy has seen the positive impact that having the Conductive Education unit has had for the whole school community – Addington students all learn valuable skills about embracing diversity.

WILSON JOLLY – Vice Chairperson

Wilson has been involved with Conductive Education since it first came to New Zealand.  He has been a Trustee of NZFCE since it was first established and is a board member of the Conductive Education Waikato Trust.  Wilson brings many perspectives to the board including that of a parent with a strong background in business.  Wilson is a Life Member of NZFCE.


Rebecca is Manager of Conductive Education Canterbury, a position that she has held for 10 years.  Under her guidance the centre has evolved to meet the needs of a very diverse group of pre-school children.  Rebecca is also the Coordinator of the Christchurch Early Intervention Coordination Service – so is often the first point of contact for families wishing to access early intervention.  Rebecca enjoys working directly with families and observing the skill development of the children attending the service.


Sharon is the Centre Manager of Conductive Education Early Intervention Centre in Hamilton. She has been employed in this role by Conductive Education Waikato Trust for just over 6 years. Sharon sees the value in very early intervention for the child, and the positive outcomes for the whole family when early supports are provided.  Her involvement as a Trustee for NZFCE has been to support Conductive Education in New Zealand and the professionals who provide this unique service.


Murray is the Principal of Naenae Primary School which also has a Conductive Education Unit.  He led the school during the establishment of the unit and is very supportive of the programmes offered.  Murray sees that Conductive Education adds another positive dimension to the diversity at Naenae School.  He has been a long standing Board Member and has strong beliefs in the benefits of Conductive Education.


Craig is the Chairman of the Conductive Education, Taranaki Trust and is a parent of a child with Global Developmental delay, who was accessing Conductive Education in Hamilton, making the long distance journey 3 times a week..  Craig was instrumental in establishing the Conductive Education unit in Taranaki so that his son and other families in the surrounding areas could access the Conductive Programme closer to their homes.   Early in 2017 the trusts
 dedication paid off with the appointment of a Conductor in the Taranaki district.  Craig’s motivation and experience in business make him a valuable asset to the board.



Gary is the Disability Advisor for the Ministry of Education based in Christchurch and has had a long involvement with Conductive Education.  Gary himself has Cerebral Palsy and provides a valuable insight into living with disability to the Board.  Gary is a strong advocate for the disability sector with a particular focus on children and youth.


Linda is the parent of Phoebe, who has Hemiplegia and accessed the Conductive Education Early Intervention Program, at 6 months old, with fabulous results.  Linda and her family are believers in the principles of Conductive Education and strongly feel it should be an option for all parents to access. Linda was invited to join the board as an advisory trustee, because of her experience in Charity Fundraising. 


SALLY THOMAS – NZFCE National Co-ordinator

Sally Thomas has had a long involvement with Conductive Education since its establishment in Christchurch.  Sally has a son who has attended all of the Conductive Education programmes and at 29 years old is still benefiting.  She was Manager of Conductive Education Canterbury for 10 years and has worked in other areas of the disability sector for almost 20 years.  Sally has recently taken up the role of National Coordinator and is looking forward to the growth of Conductive Education in New Zealand. 

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